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The Périgord situated, for the most part in the Dordogne department (9225 km² size), represents the ideal image of the French country side: lush, charming and dotted with farms and cottages.

The Isle, Vézère, Dromme and Dordogne rivers have since Gaulish Roman times been lines of communication over which goods and people were transported.

Le Peuch, administratively a part of Les Eyzies de Tayac (Prehistoric world capital) sits by the Vézère. The Vézère valley is a recognised UNESCO historic heritage.

The Périgord boasts a wealth of caves and is worth the visit; there are stalactite caves, caverns and troglodytic fortifications. Lascaux is the most well known prehistoric cave. There are a total of 48 of these caves.

The Périgord – green and tranquil - was the epicentre of the hundred-year war and the frontline between France and the British dominated Aquitain. Fortified cities and impressive castles (some 1200) are silent witnesses of the lust for war.

Gastronomic Périgord there are words that evoke a completely different pleasure than castles, landscapes, churches and caves do. These are expressions which caress the palate of many a gastronome; expressions such as the confit, pâté with truffles, duck breast, cep omelette and walnut tart. These are temptations which will have anyone, even those on the most strict low-calorie diet succumb. The gastronomic Périgord is based on healthy and often organic farm products. It is no wonder that a quite extraordinary form of tourism has developed in the Périgord, one might call it cultural tourism.

But even when the caves and castles hold no secrets for the visitors anymore, there are still many, many things to do. One can go and visit dolmen, paddle down the river by canoe, go horseback riding, bicycling, make long forest hikes and visit remote settlements. And even then, you haven't even seen the Gaulish citadels and the camps of Julius Caesar yet.

Even the golfers can improve their handicap in the Perigord: 4 golf courses (<50 km).

Grant yourself the time to look around and enjoy all that this splendid region has to offer you. Only then the Périgord will unveil itself, as a beautiful woman, and its charms to show. This way one learns to know the real Périgord.




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